Silk Skin Studio

Service Packages


Facial waxing

Pre-paid service bundles to help you save!


Eyebrow + Lip : Buy 5, get 1 free - $125

Eyebrow : Buy 10, get 2 free - $150

Full Face : Buy 5, get 1 free - $200

Lip : Buy 10, get 1 free - $100


Body waxing

Pre-paid service bundles to help you save!


Brazilian : Buy 5, get 1 free - $250

Underarms : Buy 5, get 1 free - $120


Extraction facials

Pre-paid service bundles to help you save!


3-pack : $145

5-pack : $220


Special Event Promos



You want your skin to look and feel it’s best on your wedding day and so do we! We offer twenty percent off when you bundle five or more waxing services in preparation for your special day. You may also opt for a facial or back facial to be included in your service bundle. Ask how to get your unique and tailor-made wedding bundle quote.



Sometimes, seeing around that bump can be a little challenging but that doesn’t mean your hair removal routine should stop! There’s also nothing wrong with a little pampering before the “Big Day.” Getting a bikini wax before heading to the hospital might help you feel “cleaner” postpartum. Ask about pre-baby bundle options that are catered to your specific needs and will help you save!



Here’s to living it up in that swimsuit and looking good while doing it! There’s nothing like unsightly hair and bumps to put a damper on that sun kissed confidence. Pair any three waxing services with a back facial to guarantee your skin is living up to that tropical standard.