When it comes to our waxing services at Silk Skin Studio, hygiene and comfort are paramount.

Our strict health standards include: 

  • Strict no 'double dip' policy

  • No recycled wax

  • Use of clean and sterilized implements such as tweezers when necessary

  • Disposable gloves worn during all services

  • Wax is applied with unused disposable wooden spatulas

Each service is started by cleansing the skin of any lotion, makeup, oils, etc… that may interfere with the wax adhering to the hair.

All services are performed using Cirépil or Starpil hard wax:

  • Cirépil Essential Rose

  • Cirépil Blue

  • Starpil Blue

  • Starpil Pink

Each service is finished with application of Cirépil Cooling Gel while each facial wax service is also finished with application of SuperGoop CC Cream with SPF 40+ in fair/light, light/medium, medium/dark if desired.